Panel Discussion - Two Ways of Telling - Session 3

Panel Discussion - Two Ways of Telling - Session 3

Sat Mar 9 3:30 PM

Maleny Community Centre
General Admission
60 Mins
Sat Mar 9


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Two Ways of Telling  

Backtrack Boys is a documentary, as are two of our shorts.  All our full-length films have some significant link to actual people, events or places.  This is now common—think of all the ‘biopics’ and films ‘based on a true story’.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of documentary as opposed to fictionalising?  In what ways do the two modes overlap and influence one another?  Where should the boundaries be drawn between ‘telling it like it was’ and myth-making?  Such issues will be considered by our expert panel.  You will have a chance to ask your own questions too. Meet our panelists:


Alena Lodkina 

Alena Lodkina became interested in theatre directing and film as a child in Russia.  When she was thirteen her family emigrated to Australia.  She studied Communication at the University of Technology in Sydney before moving to Melbourne, where she began writing, directing and producing short films.  Her documentary Lightning Ridge:  The Land of Black Opals won an award at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival.  Her first full-length film Strange Colours was made under the auspices of the Venice Biennale College, premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and has screened at festivals around Australia.

Sonia Louise Cozens 

Sonia Louise Cozens is an AWGIE Award-nominated and internationally credited screenwriter/development executive, screen lecturer and arts manager. Sonia has been commissioned to develop, write and consult across a broad range of content including projects aired on the ABC and Network Ten. She has a Masters in Arts & Entertainment Management and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing.  She has a passion for arts and screen advocacy.

Peter Enright   

A producer-director for broadcast, corporate & online social media content who has worked with a wide range of international clients. Gaining experience as a cinematographer & editor he progressed to directing & producing, working in Australia, the UK, Europe, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia & Southeast Asia on large scale documentary, reality TV & corporate films.  His clients have included  International Olympic Committee [Moscow], International Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontieres, Greenpeace, Harvard University, CCTV [China], Shanghai Media Group, Woodford Folk Festival, Tourism Australia, Foxtel, Fremantle Media, Moscow Film Festival, BBC, ITN, ITV, Networks 7, 9,10 & WIN, ABC  [Australia].  He is also an award-winning published photographer & photojournalist.  

Arnold Kopff   

After years in software engineering, Arnold devoted himself to his first love became a freelance documentary filmmaker.  Four of his feature-length travel films have been broadcast on television in the USA, while a station in Shanghai has broadcast one of his short nature documentaries.  Arnold has also won an international prize for cinematography.  He is the founding president of the Eumundi World Cinema film society and was the Festival Curator and principal organiser for the first and second Noosa International Film Festivals.  Arnold was the festival’s Technical Curator for its third season in 2018.

Chair:  Dr Andrew Wallace

Andrew is a retired humanities lecturer.

4:30 pm meet the panellist in the Festival Hub
Enjoy a drink at the cash bar whilst mingling with our panelists including our special guest. 

Sat Mar 9

Maleny Community Centre

23 Maple Street Maleny, Queensland, 4552