One Less God - Session 6
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One Less God - Session 6

Sun Mar 10 10:00 AM

Maleny Community Centre
General Admission
Sun Mar 10

In 2008 Islamic terrorists from Pakistan launched multiple attacks in Mumbai that lasted for four days and resulted in 166 deaths.  In this film, Australian director Lliam Worthington recreates the nightmare, focussing on an imagined group of people besieged in the luxury Hotel Taj Mahal.  It is a diverse group in regard to nationality, personality and background.  Meanwhile there are touching scenes elsewhere as a man calms his granddaughter by providing innocent explanations for the sound of gunfire.  In a third thread, the film looks at the minds and motivations of two young terrorists.  Ten years in the making, the film was shot partly overseas and partly in the famous Carrington Hotel in Katoomba

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Sun Mar 10

Maleny Community Centre

23 Maple Street Maleny, Queensland, 4552