Ladies in Black - Feature - Session 8
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Ladies in Black - Feature - Session 8

Sun Mar 10 2:00 PM

Maleny Community Centre
General Admission
Sun Mar 10

Veteran director Bruce Beresford’s long-awaited film of the best-selling novel by Madeleine St. John brings to life Sydney in 1959.  Australia is on the brink of significant cultural changes, while Lisa, a sheltered girl who has just left school, is on the brink of life.  She gets a summer job in a top city department store and comes under the influence of a group of sales staff—the ‘ladies in black’.  Her summer job will change her forever.  For some, the lavish feminine fashions of the period will be part of the appeal, though serious issues are also addressed including multi-culturalism.  A warm-hearted and charming film with many fine performances.

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Sun Mar 10

Maleny Community Centre

23 Maple Street Maleny, Queensland, 4552