Backtrack Boys + Special Guests & Dogs - Feature Session 2
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Backtrack Boys + Special Guests & Dogs - Feature Session 2

Sat Mar 9 1:00 PM

Maleny Community Centre
General Admission
Sat Mar 9

This is about a remarkable project to rehabilitate boys at risk of serious trouble with the law.  On a property outside Armidale, NSW, Bernie Shakeshaft, an ex-jackaroo with insight and empathy rather than formal qualifications, provides a new start in life for potential delinquents by teaching them bush skills and above all by believing in them.  Director Catherine Scott spent two years with the group to make this ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentary. It follows the boys as they go on tour with their team of champion jumping sheepdogs, concentrating on three of them in particular as they wrestle with their issues and face personal crises.  There is no facile sentimentality but you will walk out feeling inspired and uplifted.

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Sat Mar 9

Maleny Community Centre

23 Maple Street Maleny, Queensland, 4552